Written 3 weeks after the lockdown, and whilst all hotels not servicing NHS and key workers were shut for business, we were only just coming to terms with the new normal. The Government support particularly on JRS (furlough) was ramping up, and whilst we could see that this and other initiatives would be of fundamental need to all business it was becoming clear that the recovery phase would not start for some time and would be prolonged. We began preparing for what we know now is a long way back for hotels and the wider hospitality sector.


CSC "COVID19 Aware" Accreditation

As a critical part of our recovery planning Assured Hotels are working towards "COVID19 Aware" Accreditation with our compliance partner CSC - more to follow in the next two weeks.

Colliers International - How and when does the Hotel sector emerge from this crisis?

We continue to look for the positive but achievable outlook in the period ahead, this article from Colliers International includes hard data and anecdotal narrative which we found useful. Much of the data used is from STR, so an impartial source, and we have attended STR webinars in the lockdown - one update to this article from April is that China's recovery 2ndMay was still below 40% occupancy, which endorses the scale of our challenge ahead in the UK hotel sector, when we consider China is 3 months ahead of Europe in relaxing lockdown restrictions.