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Assured Hotels offers comprehensive support for investors looking to acquire hotel properties, including access to exclusive off-market deals. Our extensive network and industry connections allow us to make strategic introductions, providing investors with unique opportunities that are not publicly available. From initial introductions through to completion, our team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transaction process. We provide ongoing support during periods of transition, helping to manage any changes and ensuring the continued success of the property. Our approach is grounded in years of experience and a deep understanding of the hospitality market, allowing us to offer tailored advice and strategic insights.

With years of turnaround experience, we are adept at pre-empting both internal and external risks associated with hotel acquisitions. This expertise enables us to prioritise time and resources effectively, identifying potential opportunities and pitfalls early in the process. Each case is meticulously analysed, focusing on property and employee structures to ensure they align with expected revenues and profits, thus justifying the asking price and ensuring a solid return on investment. This thorough due diligence process not only safeguards the investment but also sets the stage for future success. During any restructuring and refurbishment, our goal is to develop a capable senior management team on-site, facilitating a smooth transition and achieving stabilised trading as quickly as possible. By leveraging our extensive experience and strategic approach, Assured Hotels helps investors navigate the complexities of hotel acquisitions, ensuring profitable and sustainable outcomes.

A summary of hotels we have access to include:

Leisure locations:

  • Owner operator sought for lodge business with significant revenue growth potential, leisure location western Scotland, assets available for freehold tenure from solvent liquidation
  • Portugal – access to multiple size, style and locations, solvent sale
    Wedding venue close to Bristol, circa 30 bed, assets from solvent liquidation
  • City centre Northwest of England, 30 beds close to 90% annual occupancy with well-established food business. Freehold available in a solvent sale.
  • Suburban major NW City, over 20 beds with significant revenue growth opportunities. Long leasehold tenure in a solvent sale

Business led locations:

  • West London/ north of Heathrow – £2.7m turnover (2019) from over 160 bed full-service hotel, freehold available solvent sale
  • Airport branded hotel, £3.34m turnover (2019) from 150 bed full service hotel, freehold solvent sale
  • City centre Northwest of England, 110 bed full service independent hotel, solvent sale

Access to trading accounts and supporting information can be provided or contact us to discuss any specific asset criteria or target locations.

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