Insolvent Hotels

Supporting IP’s pre-appointment and trading to exit

Find out what Assured can do for your hotel

Over the past 10 years we have been engaged by various insolvency practitioners (IP) to trade many different insolvent hotels and groups. This has given Assured unique experience and broad sector insight, and believe we are justified in our claim to be a specialist support provider in this niche.

This exposure has given the team a comprehensive understanding of the rules relating to financial liabilities and other IP responsibilities. We understand the often difficult balance of managing creditor and debtor expectations, whilst still establishing a reliable supply chain, backed up by timely production of robust financial reporting.

Where relevant we have been tasked by the IP to undertake a pre-appointment assessment. Where access is granted, we can anticipate an informed trading position in terms of cash generation in a widow to disposal. This ensures viability to trade or if the asset value can be protected a funding requirement to exit.

On appointment, we manage the day-to-day business and personnel to maximise the outcome for the stakeholders through sales growth and cost management, avoiding price chips during purchaser due diligence.