Our Partners

The key companies who help drive our business

Assured Hotels approach all our clients and projects with a balance between a quality product offering, commercial delivery, and legal compliance. Our strategy always starts with a detailed analysis of the needs of the individual business; sales growth, the product offering, cost management or compliance. From that analysis we then agree and implement the tools to allow the business to thrive long after our direct involvement has finished.

Led by technology and other innovation to achieve rapid and meaningful change, we work closely with a host of partners across the industry. We have contacts with many of the key hospitality providers and suppliers, ensuring we can utilise the best fit for any given business. Every project is unique and as such, we select the right partner to tailor every scope and objective.

Sales, Marketing & Distribution


Room sales distribution, online marketing and website development partner.

Avvio works with hotels and accommodation providers – from boutique independents to global accommodation brands – to enable them to engage effectively and intuitively with every guest, creating personalised booking experiences through custom web design and tailored digital strategies built around Allora, a pioneering AI-powered booking platform. We are leading the industry, delivering an unrivalled, first-class online experience that drives direct bookings for hotels.

Assured’s relationship with Avvio is focussed on delivering a combination of increased web presence and delivering higher capture, and conversion through direct web bookings. In an age where 3rd party agents have multiple routes to the hotel buying public, and huge budgets to spend with the likes of Google, unfortunately, standalone SEO and keyword marketing is of limited impact.

Working with Avvio and its AI booking platform Allora the aim is to deliver return on investment through an integrated web marketing and booking experience for the consumer, but ultimately to lower the commission levels of the site in question, and streamline the booking process with the positive impact that can have on the hotel’s administrative payroll cost.

Having worked with Avvio on numerous projects we have a good understanding of the hotels where the greatest benefit can be found and would work with them to tailor a proposal that delivers the greatest uplift, with alternative proposals for locations where due to type of business or cash flow limitations this may not be an option.



Global Distribution Systems (GDS) connectivity partner.

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts is one of the world’s largest, yet tailored, companies dedicated to marketing and connecting independent hoteliers with bookers around the world. We provide distribution, revenue, sales and marketing services and consultancy to over 1,000 independent hotels and small hotel groups in over 40 countries. The HotelREZ member portfolio includes a wide variety of hotels and resorts, from sleek boutique city gems, to country-house retreats full of charm and history.

If your property is not listed on the platforms that the major corporate clients, and travel agents use, then no matter how good your product or how well its priced, the ability to drive the required volume through these key channels is always going to be limited. Many hoteliers have seen elements of this market dwindle through no fault of their own as local relationships have been replaced by faceless agents and computerised systems.

With a plethora of companies offering access to Global Distribution Systems (GDS) via expensive subscriptions and various uplift programmes to get in front of key corporate markets, it can be hard to evaluate if the potential uplift will outweigh the cost. GDS alone is only one point of the relationship triangle that also requires a targeted sales resource and a hotel that can deliver on its promises. GDS without the 2 other elements whilst beneficial will have limited impact, likewise the greatest sales resource and property will gain few bookings if the site isn’t listed on the key online distribution systems.

Assured Hotel’s partner with HotelREZ as with their researched and statistical approach to the marketplace of any given location. We can work with them to ensure that any proposed solution will deliver the uplift in bookings required to justify any cost.


Wedding Booking System

The Wedding Industry's #1 Marketing & Sales System

Wedding Booking System is a first of its kind software that revolutionizes how venues operate by reducing labour costs, reducing overall marketing and advertising costs, while simultaneously delivering more venue tours and more bookings than ever before.

Book More Weddings. With Less Effort. For More Profit.


Brand & Code

Branding, Websites and Graphic Design

Brand & Code is a branding, website design and digital marketing agency. A group of seasoned professionals, consultants, strategists, creatives, designers and developers.

Brand & Code help grow and evolve brands to create passionate, emotional and engaging responses that resonate with customers and make a commercial difference to your business.


Payroll & Accountancy


Employee scheduling, T&A and communication software

Planday’s online staff rota software is designed to save you time. They make scheduling, communication, time tracking and HR management simple. Assured Hotels use Planday to make running their businesses simpler and more efficient. You can sign up now for a free trial – ask for details.

Inevitably the greatest operating cost of any hotel businesses is nearly always payroll, uncontrolled often the payroll is more than 10% over what we would anticipate with a systematic approach. A priority with all businesses’ where revenue forecasting is lacking, a costed rota submission prior to approval and review in line with revenue movement at the end of the week is needed. This can be done via the incumbent time & attendance (T&A) system, excel templates or the implementation of a third-party system, but must me systematically upheld to drive the benefit to the bottom line – an onerous and time consuming process for management.

The positives of Planday is it combines the scheduling aspect of the hotel with the communication of the rota to the staff, as well as the T&A system. The ability to create live costed schedules factoring in the inevitable limitations and requests from the team make it an invaluable tool for a single site or small group operator, including also the statutory HR elements of time management for your workforce.


Food & Beverage / Operations

Lightspeed EPOS

Restaurant and events space EPOS systems.

Lightspeed is a point-of-sale and e-commerce software provider, their restaurant ePOS allows you to expand your business and deliver the goods with the leading restaurant point of sale system. With customisable menus and an easy-to-use interface, Lightspeed helps you grow and pivot to ePOS delivery, all from one platform.

Utilising the advanced technology of the Lightspeed system to allow for quick inventory management direct processing allows the F&B outlet to drive productivity through better time management, ultimately reducing payroll costs. With the benefit of being a cloud-based system, the capabilities for it to evolve far outstrip more traditional EPOS systems, and with remote support available to the user at all times there are fewer issues and downtime.


Matthew Clark

Drinks wholesaler

Matthew Clark are a national drinks wholesaler, supplying drinks products, training and marketing support to thousands of premises across the UK. Offering a range of over 4000 different product lines and backed by drinks delivery excellence, staff training, menu and even bar design, they are far more than just a drinks wholesaler.

Assured Hotels manage a rolling portfolio of properties with aggregated buying spend allowing independent sites the ability to access group prices without the need to commit to specific buying groups. Having worked closely with the team at Matthew Clark for several years in various trading scenarios we are able to quickly initiate supply in challenging circumstances.

Through dedicated account management purchasing, processes can be implemented quickly to align the wholesale range to the need of the specific property. With twice weekly deliveries for most locations the units can reduce the stockholding on site with the benefit that has to the cashflow.


Entegra Europe UK

Food & general supply procurement and operational efficiencies services

Entegra are your savings solutions partner, working across the catering industry to improve the operating margins of all the clients they serve. Operating with a self-funding, savings-led model, they remove any up-front costs or risk. They specialise in procurement services, delivering operational margin improvement and providing system solutions to enable our clients to protect their profit margin and deliver improved efficiency.

Outside larger groups there are few operators that have the time, resource, or volume to unlock the benefits on purchasing to deliver tangible savings to the cost of sales. By partnering with Entegra Assured Hotels can offer that benefit with detailed ghost pricing proposals and savings issued to the business on a no fee basis. Options across the whole supply chain with particular strength on food and kitchen management, and all non-food categories for example laundry, bedroom amenities, chemicals and beverage. Only if demonstratable savings are available on like for like products from their key supply partners would a swap be considered.

Once the supply chain is agreed the daily management of supply allows the site to focus on product & service delivery with less administrative hours absorbed in to the weekly payroll, with real time reporting in for example flood flash spends and margins available for management and stakeholders to monitor ensuring budgetary targets are achieved.

Systems to support management on compliance are also a key feature in the operational offer, for example the ever-growing importance of allergen management. The Kitchen team can utilise the portal to manage the dish allergens from products ordered thus reducing the administrative time for the Chef, accurate information on menus for the customer which protects the stakeholders from potential claims.


Marshalls Direct

Workplace provisions; office, furniture, design, print, solutions

Marshalls Direct are our workplace provisions partner, supplying a vast range of products from office stationery to furniture, workwear to consumables, catering and rest-room (including the entire Nisbetts and Uropa ranges), to cleaning and janitorial. They also provide graphic design, print and online services for all your operational stationery, signage and marketing provisions.

Assured and the creative team at Marshall’s have worked closely on numerous recent projects delivering electronic and print media to drive sales. Through this close working relationship numerous templates and design briefs have been developed that allow us to roll out marketing quickly and efficiently where there was little before, at costs below that of engaging a separate provider.



Stocktaking and Sale Valuation Services

Stockcheck is a leading provider of stocktaking services and stock control systems for licensed and hospitality trade customers. Our specialist stocktaking expertise has benefited hotels, stadiums, pubs, clubs, music venues, bars and restaurants for over 30 years. As the country’s leading supplier of stocktaking services to the licensed sector, we’re respected and trusted by our clients to deliver improvements in organisation, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our flexible and high-quality stock control software allows us to offer tailored stocktaking services to meet the commercial needs of your business.

Any business decisions must be based on good quality information and with the complexities of modern inclusive packages, and the issues and limitations of a small number of staff, stock turnover and yielding is often a key area for concern. Having worked with Stockcheck for a number of years we have found that the process around highlighting issues and driving improvements with the sites is proactive and engaged, with the escalation to ourselves of key concerns and just as importantly good practice. Establishing a stock value for accounting purposes often seems to be the focus with many organisations whereas working with Stockcheck our focus is delivering % gain in margin, and highlighting and eliminating loss. The benefit of every % made or saved is that it converts directly to the bottom line at 100%.

Given our relationship we are also able with shorter notice than usual to call on the services of the field agents when the requirement for valuations for sale or purchase are required short notice on specific days.



The payment success platform

Prommt allows a business to send secure, personalised payment requests to your customers using text, email and online messages. Its simple and intuitive interface provides access to enhanced security, communication and customisation capabilities.

At its core, Prommt takes pay-by-link to the next level; blending messaging and payments technology to create seamless and secure payment journeys that help you get paid faster, safer and smarter. The concept is simple: Gather contact details, then send payment request to receive payment directly


Building & Property / Misc

Hoist Group

Systems, products and services to independent hotels and hotel chains

Hoist Group develops holistic solutions for hoteliers. With more than 20 years of proven hospitality experience, Hoist Group is the market leader in innovative Property Management, Internet Access, TV Systems, Locks and Interior Equipment, as well as Hospitality Services with the Hoist Dashboard at the centre.


TC Building & Refurbishment

Building, fit-out and refurbishment contractor

TC are an established fit-out and refurbishment contractor, working both as a main or sub-contractor on various projects with Assured Hotels. The core of their work lies within hotels, whilst they have experience in and continue to work with restaurants, bars, golf clubs and other hospitality businesses.

Working directly or via a designer, TC have demonstrated the requirement of working inline to the budgetary requirements set out for the project. As contactors who understand the needs of a functioning hotel and the impact that having rooms offline from sale, they project critical paths and phasing plans are developed to have the least impact to loss of revenue whilst allowing them to deliver the job on time to the appropriate level of finish.

With a broad supply network, plus inhouse design and purchasing they have allowed recent significant refurbishment projects to be undertaken without the need for additional professional fees, ensuring maximum return on investment from an enhanced finished product.


Common Sense Compliance

Food hygiene, health & safety, fire management and leisure advice

CSC offer a compliance service that is both straightforward and relevant to your business. Their team of professionals are among the most highly respected in the Environmental Health Industry and whether you are after full ongoing compliance support or have a one-off project, CSC will provide an unrivalled service with a promise to deliver on time and within budget.

CSC work with the various stakeholders initially to highlight shortfalls where directors may be exposed and help to implement detailed actions plans to ensure continuous improvement is achieved. This process limits potential exposure where cash flow dictates full solutions cannot be implemented immediately.

Inevitably the onus for progressing compliance works and reducing risk rests with the Directors and management team but with CSC’s engaged approach and our understanding of their auditing process it allows the priorities to be addressed and relevant policies and procedures implemented to manage the situation in line with the general trading strategy for the business.


SJL Insurance Services

Corporate Insurance

SJL Insurance Services is an innovative, forward-thinking insurance broker that provides a high-quality, professional service to a national and international portfolio of clients in the hospitality sector.

We work for our clients, meaning we support you with whatever business insurance service you require. We excel in the hospitality where we provide a free ‘Health Check’ of existing coverage to make sure the cover is correct at the right premium.  Clients range from Independent Hoteliers to Family Offices with Property Investments Globally.

So for a free health check or more information please contact Nick Reynolds Dip CII Senior Account Executive at n.reynolds@sjlins.co.uk or on07871 729412.



Delivering the future of parking

GroupNexus has been operating for over 30 years, managing over 1,200 sites across the UK, serving both the private and public sector; including Hospitality, Leisure, Healthcare, Retail, Education and Transport.

Working with many hotel chains and independents across the UK, GroupNexus offers and end-to-end service, from technology that allows you to monitor and analyse parking data, to setting the standard for the provision of parking management services.

We’re committed to developing and delivering cutting-edge technology and products that provide hotel owners & operators with greater understanding about how their car parks are used, to better serve the drivers who use them, and most importantly – to help create a meaningful and lasting connection with their customers.

Innovations include:

  • EV usage monitoring for future planning
  • Links with hotels’ online booking systems
  • Near real-time data
  • Self-serve permit management system
  • Bespoke payment systems; app, machine and online
  • Customer messaging to promote loyalty (with opted-in customers)

Check out our website for further information, and a case study on one of our Hotel Clients.