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Assured Hotels is a UK-based hotel management company founded in 2008 by experienced and successful hotel operators. Our mission is to offer independent hotels and groups the knowledge, strategy, and structure needed to achieve commercial success and enhanced value. With over a decade of experience, our team of expert consultants has developed and refined a suite of proven strategies and best practices that effectively confront the status quo, deliver tangible results to the bottom line, and reposition hotels as leaders in their respective marketplaces. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities of each client, ensuring that our approach is tailored to meet specific goals and circumstances. By leveraging our extensive industry knowledge and innovative methodologies, we help our clients navigate the complexities of the hotel industry, drive performance improvements, and maximise profitability.

Our work extends to a diverse range of stakeholders, including hotel owners, investors, and lenders, as well as major UK property agents. We understand that each group has distinct objectives, and we are committed to aligning our efforts with these to achieve mutual success. For hotel owners, we offer comprehensive management services that cover all aspects of hotel operations, from revenue management and marketing to staff training and operational efficiency. Investors benefit from our strategic insights and ability to enhance asset value, while lenders appreciate our rigorous financial oversight and risk management capabilities. In addition to direct management services, we also provide consultancy for those looking to optimise their existing operations or explore new market opportunities. By working alongside major UK property agents, we also stay abreast of market trends and opportunities, allowing us to offer our clients the most current and relevant advice. Through our dedication to excellence and client-centric focus, Assured Hotels continues to set the standard for hotel management and consultancy in the UK.

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