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Assured Hotels offers flexible finance support designed to underpin any suggested trading and operational improvements, demonstrating enhanced performance and value. Our approach involves working closely with the in-house financial and management team to ensure a thorough understanding of the current financial landscape. This collaborative effort allows us to provide informed advice and develop strategies that are personalised to each hotel’s specific requirements. We focus on implementing robust systems to capture all revenue and control costs effectively, particularly in areas with high expenditures. By leveraging our expertise, we help hotels streamline their financial operations and achieve greater fiscal efficiency.

Key areas of focus include payroll, direct costs, and overheads. For payroll, we work closely with our operational team to ensure that accurate payroll forecasting tools are in place, recognizing that payroll is a fundamental area requiring strong controls to align costs with revenues. For direct costs, we assess existing controls and procurement opportunities, providing ongoing flash reporting on critical expenses such as food, beverage, and laundry costs, supported by monthly external stocktakes. Overheads and other costs are meticulously reviewed, with recommendations made to enhance service and manage expenditures, including the implementation of a purchase order system where appropriate. Our finance support seamlessly integrates with our operational and sales efforts, offering a comprehensive suite of reporting tools, including a monthly Management Information (MI) pack and detailed forecasting tools.

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