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Over the past two years, the value of bricks and mortar in the hotel industry has been threatened by ongoing disruptions to trade due to the global pandemic. However, despite these challenges, we have not seen a significant erosion of value in completed transactions to date. At Assured Hotels, we understand the importance of protecting the investment value for owners and stakeholders during these uncertain times. Our extensive experience and strategic approach ensure that we can navigate these complexities effectively, maintaining asset value even in a turbulent market. By conducting thorough market analyses and leveraging our industry connections, we are able to provide accurate valuations and position properties favourably in the market.

The narrative of trading through the pandemic must be communicated clearly to potential buyers, highlighting resilience and outlining a realistic recovery forecast. This transparency is essential in structuring mutually acceptable deals that reflect both current market conditions and future growth potential. We are retained by various clients looking to acquire hotels, including private equity firms, brokerage agents, and high-net-worth individuals seeking to expand their portfolios. If you or a client are considering an exit, contact us for a no-obligation discussion to explore how we can assist in achieving a successful and profitable hotel disposal. Our goal is to ensure that every transaction maximises value and aligns with the strategic objectives of all parties involved.

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