Hotel Cost Management Support – labour shortages & payroll costs

The cost-of-living crisis has grabbed all the headlines and indeed everybody’s attention, and whilst all of the current challenges are linked, labour shortages and controlling payroll costs have dropped down the media’s priority list of importance.

Labour shortages and payroll costs remain significant challenges which won’t just disappear. The lack of personnel with the right skills and experience directly increases the cost of attracting and retaining the right people. We can see in the graphic below that the hospitality sector in the UK is fairing the worst by some distance amongst other similar-sized service-based sectors. As a result, we have seen some businesses forced to limit operating hours or even close facilities due to shortages.

In the current climate, limiting revenue-earning capacities can’t be a strategy of choice.

Vacancies in the UK by sector, per 100 employee jobs

There are initiatives we can advise on and support hospitality and hotel businesses with, which include:

  • Attracting more workers from the UK workforce, for example by raising wages, improving working conditions, or being more flexible on hours and contracts;
  • Recruiting workers from abroad, usually by sponsoring them on a work visa*;
  • Reducing the need for workers, for example by introducing automation by streamlining operations and administrative controls.

UK businesses are able to implement all of these initiatives now, including using immigration rules. Assured hotels can assist in assessing all available opportunities which could make a big difference in maximising income and controlling the highest cost in most trading businesses, ultimately converting better margins.

*Government policy post-Brexit means there are limitations however sponsorship is available as it stands.

Additional reading and resources on recruitment, retention, and labour costs in the UK….

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